10 Fairtrade products to buy this festive season | Melissa Hemsley
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10 Fairtrade products I love


10 Fairtrade products I love

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What is Fairtrade and why should we care? Here’s why, plus my favourite Fairtrade products and recipes to support farmers around the world.

It’s been 25 years since the Fairtrade Mark – that sticker you see on everything from bananas to avocados to coffee – was launched in the UK. Since then Fairtrade has been doing an amazing job making a positive difference to the everyday lives of farmers and workers in faraway countries.

As a Fairtrade UK ambassador, this time last year I travelled to Kenya with Fairtrade to see for myself what a difference their price guarantee can have for these growers. 

I visited four different coffee farms and met some of the very first female farmers and business owners and saw how Fairtrade has helped further empower women, their children and their communities. It was powerful and inspiring to see how these female farmers grow our coffee. Since then I’ve tried even more to shout about the wonderful Fairtrade products and brands out there. Thankfully, there are so many delicious ones to choose from and it’s getting easier to find them.

Look out for the Fairtrade sticker
With the festive season approaching, have a look for the Fairtrade symbol on any treats or gifts your buy, from coffee to chocolate.

Purchase with purpose: my 10 favourite Fairtrade products and brands
1. Clipper Tea is the UK’s first Fairtrade tea company almost 30 years ago and is the world’s largest buyer of Fairtrade tea.
2. Divine chocolate is delicious and co-owned by the farmers that grow their cocoa, meaning they receive 44% of profits.
3. Tony’s Chocolonely comes in brilliant bold packaging, is 100% slave-free and tastes fantastic. If you have any leftovers, chuck it into this Fairtrade vegan banana bread recipe or my recipe for a Chocolate and Hazelnut bake.
4. Zaytoun Palestinian Social Enterprise. Their olive oil is produced by Palestinian farmers and fairly traded overseas – delicious on salads like this one.
5. Liberation Nuts is a social enterprise selling Fairtrade nuts. Use them in this festive recipe for Fruit n Nut Choc Chip Cookies.
6. Percol Coffee was the first ground coffee brand to become Fairtrade, they’re also plastic free and carbon neutral.
7. Steenbergs for organic spices – think mulled wine and festive bakes and cakes – and they have a delicious fairtrade vanilla extract too.
8. Fair Drinks is an independent Fairtrade-certified spirits brand run by fantastic people who work with communities in Bolivia. For those festive cocktails, try their coffee liqueur to spruce up an Espresso Martini or add a dash of one of their spirits to this pomegranate and sumac cocktail.
9. Cafe Direct is coffee, tea and cocoa sourced directly from smallholder growers.
10. Pukka Herbal Tea for anyone who loves a feel-good brew or a great turmeric latte.

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Comment below to let me know about any Fairtrade brands you want to share! 

*Photo Credit: Chris Terry*

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