10 Online Classes to Feel Nourished | Melissa Hemsley
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10 Online Classes to Feel Nourished

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10 of my Favourite Online Classes to Feel Nourished

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The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind haven’t they? Some weeks I’ve been full of energy and others, I’ve been soaking up as much sleep as I can. If you want to take some time to tune in to lovely crafts and practices (without over-doing it) here are some wonderful people doing brilliant things online that you can join in too. I’ve been loving all of them and have been reigniting my crafty and dancing side which got a bit neglected these last few years.

Mental Health Mates –Instead of their weekly meetups all over the country, the brilliant charity are now doing virtual Coffee & Chats on Zoom to keep a place for people to talk and feel safe without fear of judgement.
Free. Find out more here.

Sarah Malcolm Yoga – my lovely friend Sarah has been lifting my spirits & keeping me grounded for the last few weeks with her weekly classes. Expect floaty, fluid flows with a lot of love behind them. Open to all levels.
Pay as you feel. Find out more here.

Watch – just released, the documentary LOVE(D)  following the journey of 12 people on a powerful grief retreat (that I myself went on last year) called The Bridge. Couldn’t recommend more. Find out more here

Laurie Nouchka Life Drawing – Laurie’s classes are just wonderful. Starting with meditation, before an evening of life drawing. Such a nice community.
Pay as you feel. Find out more here.

Lisa King art classes – Lisa hosts weekly art classes. Gather some still life objects and join in with whatever you have at home. She has fab playlists too that I keep grooving to all week.
Free. Find out more here.

Sunday Service with Emma Cannon – Join Emma Cannon every Sunday for a live webinar where she’ll share tools and techniques to soothe and support you.
Pay as you feel. Find out more here.

Laura’s The Joy Journal  – aimed at fun activities for parents and children but I love doing it myself by myself! Crafts with nature. I love to write a gratitude list every day but last week made a gratitude tree inspired by one of Laura’s activities
Free. Find out more here

‘Self Care for Self Isolation’  Ebook from my friends Nadia and Katia, authors of the best selling Self Care for The Real World, out 30th April Find out more here. 

Dancing with Illana – learn fun, sweaty dance class routines several times a week. You can follow along LIVE or catch up afterwards on Instagram.
Free. Find out More here

Gong Bathing sessions with Sophie  – a beautiful online session via ilapothecary with singing, meditation and a  gong bath. All you need to do is lie down and get comfy.
Find out more here

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