10 Recipes to make with Carrots | Melissa Hemsley
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10 Recipes to make with Carrots


10 Recipes to make with Carrots

carrot recipes

If you’ve got a couple of carrots knocking about and going a little limp, then turn them into something lovely with these 10 easy waste-free recipes. From big Spring salads, sumptuous stews and warming soups to quick carrot fritters, frittatas and the best flour free carrot cake, these dishes will bring a new lease of life to the humble carrot we all know and love.

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1. Spanish Style Leftover Carrot Frittata
If you’ve got any leftover carrots from a Sunday Roast, whether they be roasted or steamed, make a lovely big Spanish style tortilla or frittata swapping potatoes for carrots.  I love a big warm wedge for breakfast or leftover slice cold for a snack the next day.
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2. Roasted Maple Carrot & Za’atar Salad
This maple roasted Carrot & Za’atar salad is SO simple and ticks the boxes for a satisfying mix of hot/ cold, crunchy/creamy and healthy/hearty. I loved it in Winter and I’m still loving it now. If you’ve got other veg to use up after a big roast, feel free to throw them in too and it’s easily made vegan by leaving out the feta.
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carrot fritters

3. Root Veg Fritters
These veg fritters are from my new cookbook Eat Green and are one of my favourite ways to use up leftovers. I love fritters, hot or cold as a snack or serve them with a big salad or slaw.
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carrot spring salad

4. Big Spring Salad with Garlic Yoghurt
I love this big Spring Salad using lots of ingredients you might already have and simple swaps if you don’t. Swap beetroot for radish, swap carrot for sweet potato. Add peppers if you have them. Swap chickpeas for beans or quinoa for buckwheat or rice.
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5. Harissa Chickpea Kale Stew
Ready in 20 minutes, I like to make a big batch of this and have it again throughout the week. Carrots bring a lovely sweetness into this dish. I’ve used kale here as I had a huge bunch to use up but swap in chard, cavolo nero or shredded cabbage.
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broth food waste leftovers

6. The Best Broth
A big pot of homemade broth slowly simmering on the hob on a Sunday eve, ready to make your week better and the best way to use up odds & ends of carrots & other veggies you might throw away. Enjoy a comforting mug of it with miso and a squeeze of lemon or lime. Add to soups, stews, curries, ragus, risottos, sauces, gravies.
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carrot sides

7. Roasted Carrot Gremolata
When you have lots of carrots to use up, these roasted maple carrots with a carrot top gremolata is the perfect way to put them to good use and leave nothing to waste. Instead of throwing away the luscious, green carrot tops, use them here to make a fresh herby topping for your golden sticky carrots.
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8. Carrot, Cabbage & Quinoa Salad
You know I love a good *leftovers lunch* to minimise food waste in the household. And this Carrot, Cabbage & Quinoa Salad has a certain wow factor about it too. Use any roasted veg you have and I used olives here too but use whatever else you think might work or throw in whatever you fancy!
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carrot cock a leekie

9. Cock a Leekie Soup
Everything is used up in this Cock a Leekie Soup, ideal for a comforting lunch or supper to really warm you up. Make a big batch & freeze for a rainy day when you don’t feel like cooking. This is a great dish for making better quality meat go further. All of the chicken is used here to make the broth, as well as the odds & ends of the veggies so you can enjoy less waste & more flavour.
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chai carrot cake

10. Chai Spiced Parsnip & Carrot Cake
This is another from my cookbook *Eat Green*. Topped with sticky sweet (and a tiny bit salty) walnuts on top of a ginger citrus creamy icing. The 2 layers are made with lots of gorgeous warming spices like cinnamon, cardamon, cloves & nutmeg, lots of dried fruit and the “flour” is rolled oats (blitzed into flour)+ ground almonds.
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