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10 Recipes to use Pumpkin & Squash


10 Recipes to use your Pumpkin & Squash

pumpkin squash recipes melissa hemsley

Every year after Halloween around 12.8 million pumpkins go to waste so let’s embrace the delicious veg & find ways to keep enjoying them all season long (Pumpkins are in season October-February/March). So if you’ve found yourself with lots of squash & pumpkins and aren’t sure what to do with them then here are a few of my favourite Autumnal recipes for loving your leftovers and making your meals and money go further. Feel free to swap all the squash in these recipes for pumpkin!

And if you’re feeling even more inspired to use your Pumpkins then why not try grating them into hearty Lasagnes & delicious Gratins. For seasonal breakfasts, try pumpkin porridge or grate it and simmer with apples and cinnamon for a lovely porridge topping or with yoghurt. Roast it and scoop out the tender flesh when it cools slightly before turning into pumpkin puree which you can then freeze or make pumpkin pies or tarts- delicious! And don’t forget about the seeds- wash & dry them then roast for 15 mins in 200c with lots of salt & vinegar or your favourite spices and eat as a snack or in salads or on top of soups or roasted pumpkin hummus. The possibilities are endless!

I’ve shared a few recipes below from my cookbook Eat Green too, so if you’ve got that then look out for my Pumpkin & Sage Risotto, HasselBack Squash, Roasted Squash with Mojo Verde, Squash & Lentil Curry and my Autumnal Spiced Squash & Kale Salad.

Speedy Pumpkin Curry

Got lots of left over Pumpkin & need a little warm-me-up recipe for this evening? Using store-cupboard, every day ingredients, this Pumpkin Soup is delicious for a quick, one pan dish (meaning minimal washing up). Make a big batch & take the rest to work, or freeze for a day when you don’t feel like cooking. Feel free to add another other veg that needs using up- anything goes here!

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Dosa-Style Pancakes with Squash Masala

Melissa hemsley squash

Any veg in this masala tastes fantastic. Traditionally they’d be with potato but this is a great way to give some love to your squash, pumpkins or any root veg you have at home that need using.

Get the recipe in Eat Green.

Squash, Parmesan & Apple Salad

salad sustainable melissa
This Squash, Parmesan and Apple Salad with Honey Apple Thyme Dressing is something I’ve been craving in amongst a sea of Winter soups. Sometimes a bit of crunch is just what’s needed plus I had lots of apples from my neighbour that needed using up

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Squash & Sage Seasonal Soup

I love a Soup Sunday & this Sage & Squash Soup is the perfect big batch to make on an Autumnal day. Let it simmer away whilst you snuggle up. Have some today, save some for the week and then store the rest in the freezer for a day when you don’t feel up to cooking.

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Roast your Pumpkin and make a Dhal

eat green parsnip dahl
This is ideal to make at the end of the weekend with any leftover veg that didn’t make it into the Sunday roast. Make a big batch and freeze or have for lunch later on in the week. Swap Parsnips for Roasted Squash/Pumpkins to use up what you’ve got.

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Roast Squash & Watercress Salad

This roast squash & parmesan sage salad is delicious served hot as a sharing salad. I love an onion squash here but you can use any type of pumpkin or squash for this.  You’ll use the whole squash, wasting nothing, including the skin and the squash seeds which get roasted until crispy.

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Grate up your pumpkin and make Fritters

pumpkin fritters melissa hemsley
A good fritter recipe will always be handy, they’re always delicious and you’ll clear your fridge. Add in any root veg you’ve got, grate in your raw pumpkin along with garlic, curry powder, herbs and you’ll have a delicious feast in no time.

Get the recipe in Eat Green.

Make a Fridge Raid Frittata

leftover frittata recipe melissa hemsley food waste
A fridge raid frittata is the best way to minimise food waste in your home and use up what you have. If you’ve pre-roasted your squash then swap out the carrots here and add in your pumpkin/squash or whatever you have. Delicious!

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Tomato, Squash & Lentil Coconut Curry
squash pumpkin
This makes a huge batch in under 30 mins, perfect for freezing half for a rainy day. I’ve kept this really simple by using a quality curry powder and mustard seeds for crunch. If you can’t get mustard seeds, leave them out. If you can have a few curry leaves add them in! Enjoy a big bowl as is, top with yoghurt or some crunchy toasted nuts or seeds or serve with your choice of sides like some simple greens, a quick slaw or serve with a big handful of fresh baby spinach, watercress or salad.

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Add in Pumpkin to a Chai Parsnip & Carrot Cake

chai pumpkin carrot cake
Swap Carrot for Pumpkin or add in a big grating of raw pumpkin and make a delicious and comforting cake like my Chai Spiced Parsnip & Carrot Cake in my cookbook Eat Green. Bake this in the morning and it will fill your house with the most wonderful fragrant and warming smell. The Chai spices really make this very special.

Get the recipe in Eat Green.

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