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12 Face, Body & Bath Products I love


12 Face, Body & Bath Products I love


12 of my favourite face, body & bath products! Everyone who knows me, knows there is little I love more than soaking in the bath with my favourite book on the go (head here for my current favourite reads). And I’m pretty much always covered in body, face and hair oils so here are some of my favourite brands and products that you might enjoy too…

1.First fix serum and the recovery blend @demamielskin a little of both of these especially good for when I get stressed skin flare ups.

2.Rose hydrating mist @mvskintherapy I like to keep in the fridge and spray on after lunch for an uplifting wake me up boost.

3.Botanical Repair Masque @avedauk keeping my hair strong as aiming to cut off 7 inches in May for the charity Little Princess Trust. Long haired friends, if you’re interested in the charity cut, read more about donating your hair.

4.I always need a good candle on the go after cooking and I love @neomorganics candles. My fave is the calm & relax candle and the diffuser for essential oil boosts through the day to perk up my stale desk area and diffuse all my recipe testing smells.

5.The Ready Steady Glow tonic @renskincare I put in on every day with a reusable pad.

6.Angel balm @soveralllondon. I’ve used this for 10 years & love it as a balm & mask. 

7.Body scrub @maulirituals . This smells absolutely heavenly.

8.Organic Facial oil @bysarahlondon congrats on more awards for this wonderful oil! Sarah came to give me a facial many years ago & it was such a treat. I’ve ordered the products ever since. 

9.@kalmar_official Peace Balm of serenity is wonderful for rubbing onto wrists before bed.

10.@organicpharmacy skin brush for dry body brushing from tip to toe before jumping in the shower.

11. Sustainable @wildrefill deodorant is refillable & compostable, I use the lavender one.

12.My friends family run business @legrasoap  which make lovely presents too.

And for more green beauty advice, check out these amazing ladies who are not only incredible make up artists but also experts on sustainable, ethical and green beauty: @khandiz @sjaniel @tahira_makeup @consciousbeautyunion

I also recommend shopping from Content Beauty, Onolla and Cult Beauty which are 3 online beauty shops run by great women.

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