18 Easy Peasy Festive Recipes | Melissa Hemsley
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18 Easy Peasy Festive Recipes


18 Easy Peasy Festive Recipes

Each festive season brings new ways in which I’m trying to minimise stress and enjoy both the cooking and rest as much as I can. So here are some of my favourite festive recipes to bring ease and joy into your life whilst also wasting less and making our food go further.

And if you’re someone who loves to throw a party and entertain then check out some of my delicious and easy canapés. And if you’re looking for exciting veggie sides this year then click here.

Plus I’ve written this blog post with my top tips for making this festive season as stress-free as possible so you can enjoy your day. You might also enjoy these ideas for edible styling tips for your home to make everything look amazing and leave nothing to go to waste.

And if you’re hunting for pressies for your loved ones who want more easy recipes with planet conscious ways to waste less then why not buy them my cookbook Eat Green.

Festive Fruit Chutney

Festive Chutney Melissa Hemsley
Get your hands on some fantastic British fruit, get some carols on and get cosy in the kitchen making a pan of this Christmas Chutney. Make some for you and give some jars away. I’ve made today’s chutney with a mix of pears & apples but you can do just pear or apple or whatever seasonal fruit you can find at your grocers. It’s a great chance to use up any bruised or bashed fruit so that nothing in your fruit bowl gets wasted.

Get the recipe

Festive Sprouts with Garlic, Anchovy and Chilli

Fried Christmas Brussel Sprouts w/ garlic, anchovy, chilli & a citrus sweet drizzle of lemon & honey. Topped with parmesan & a festive flourish of cranberries & pomegranate seeds. This is fast, beautiful & easily adaptable – change up the fruit, add toasted nuts if you like, swap the hard cheese for crumbled feta, swap lemon zest for satsumas or orange, enjoy!

Get the recipe.

Wild Mushroom, Leek and Cheese Tart

mushroom leek tart

This glorious wild mushroom and two cheese tart with slow cooked leeks from my Telegraph column, makes a stunning vegetarian centerpiece for any festive or party celebration. It’s filled to the brim with delicious mushrooms, garlic, thyme and cheese and the pastry is made with chickpea flour for a scrumptious, earthy flavour and is also gluten-free. Get the recipe here.

Red Cabbage Quinoa Salad

melissa hemsley tabbouleh food waste leftoversThis salad is a mix of everything I love; crunch, sweetness, heartiness and lots of freshness from the herbs. Use any roasted veg you have and I used olives here as I had some leftover from entertaining, but use whatever else you think might work or throw in whatever you fancy! Get the recipe.

Get the recipe.

Festive Fruity Salad

festive fruit salad
This Christmas salad recipe is fruity, festive and colourful and will get your tastebuds all perked up. A great Christmas buffet recipe for sharing. Find the recipe here.

Hasselback Squash with roasted grapes and a sprout and blue cheese Slaw

Hasselback potatoes have enjoyed a lot of attention in recent years and now it’s the turn of the squash! This dish smells incredible and is perfect for a Sunday roast or to celebrate Christmas. The roast grapes are divine and the slaw feels really festive. Get the recipe.

Fuss Free Party Platter

party celebration christmas food
When you want to WOW your guests but haven’t got ANY TIME to cook or prep, a festive grazing board is just the ticket for keeping things stress free for YOU. Get inspired & create your own platter for minimal effort but maximum results. Get inspired.

Miso Roasted Brussel Sprouts

sides sprouts melissa hemsley
One of my favourite way to have my sprouts all season round; lovely and sticky and full of flavour. Serve as a side or have leftovers with soba noodles and salmon. Get the recipe.

Loaded Sweet Potato Canapes

christmas vegetarian sweet potato canapes
Do you need nibbles this festive season? Bored of bread as a base? Use veg – for really quick canapes, go for cucumber or radish and for something heartier and hot, sweet potato rounds, beetroot or squash with your fave toppings. Find the recipe here.

Crispy Carrots with Rosemary and Sesame

I called these *fit carrots* when I first tasted them and the name has stuck. Roasted crispy edged carrots, touch of maple, topped with cool creamy yoghurt and toasted hazelnuts, sesame seeds and rosemary.
Get the recipe.

Chocolate Dipped Satsumas


These hit the spot every time! Melt choc ✔️ Dip your segments of satsuma / clementine / orange ✔️ Sprinkle a little sea salt ✔️ Sprinkle a few chopped pistachios / almonds / seeds if feeling fancy ✔️ Chill in the fridge/freezer until set. Enjoy this with apples too!

Festive Fruit & Nut Choc Cookies

fruit, nut, chocolate, cookies, use it up
These festive vegan cookies have been going down such a treat in my house. Use any nut butter you like. I love to stud these cookies with green pistachio and deep red cranberries but they are divine with any dried fruit or nuts – try chopped dates or apricots and cashews. A great excuse to use up any odds and ends of fruit or nut packets. Find the recipe here. 

Happiness Balls

happiness balls edible gifts
With only 5 ingredients these chocolate-y balls of goodness can be thrown together in a matter of moments. Perfect little homemade gifts. Get the recipe here.

Choc Orange Clusters

My *Chocolate Coconut Clusters* from my cookbook ‘Eat Happy’ are perfect to make with kids… be big or little! These quick little clusters are just four ingredients and are deliciously moreish. Get the recipe.

Clementine Cake

clemetine cake
This Clementine and Almond bake is a gloriously festive cake to serve as an alternative to Christmas pudding. It’s inspired by my absolutely favourite Christmas treat… the timeless chocolate orange so if you’re a fan too, I know you’re going to absolutely love this. Keep your eyes out for fairtrade chocolate and get creative with topping it! Get the recipe here.

Orange and Pomegranate Fizz

A festive tipple is always needed and this one can be turned into a mocktail whilst keeping the flavour. If you’re after a cocktail, it might be nice to swap the prosecco for a shot of vodka instead if you like and top up with sparkling water.
Get the recipe.

Poached Pears with Cinnamon and Bay Leaves

telegraph melissa hemsley pears
These poached pears are a popular pudding that you can get ahead on earlier in the day. When you go to whip up some of the ginger and black-pepper yogurt, make extra so you can dollop it on your porridge or granola the next morning.
Get the recipe.

Stewed Apples

They take less than 30 mins with little effort and mean breakfast or pudding is ready to go in seconds, plus it makes the house smell amazing! I mainly have cinnamon but often change it up with five spice powder.
Get the recipe.

Hope you love all of these recipes! And if you’re wanting to make all of your festive feasts (and your money) go further then click here to read my Post Christmas Recipes for wasting less!

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