5 Pre-Holiday Waste Saving tips | Melissa Hemsley
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Pre-holiday Waste Saving Tips


  Waste Saving Tips for a pre-holiday Fridge Clear Out

waste saving tips melissa hemsley

Packing for a long weekend or a holiday and shutting up your home can be stressful enough, so I don’t want to overload you with more to feel frazzled about. Personally, I cannot throw away or waste perfectly good food, and I’m sure you’d rather not either if you can help it! So, in the lead up to a trip, I try to do my future self a favour and invest 30 minutes before I go away to give my fridge a once over and either freeze or cook up all the perishables. Not only does this avoid food waste, but as a bonus, I rustle up a few delicious things to eat either for my trip or when I return home. Even if you’re not getting away this summer, hopefully you find some of these tips helpful for picnics and day trips and al fresco (or maybe al desko) packed lunch ideas

For on the road snacks here are some easy bite-size wins: grapes, berries, cherry tomatoes, and dried fruits, nuts, and seeds. If you’ve got tons of grapes to use up, pop some into the freezer for a refreshing afternoon snack. Use your washed old jars to package them. Click here to browse snack recipes.

Leftover fruits & cucumber… Make yourself some beautifully flavoured waters for the road. Don’t forget to use up the citrus peel too. Just slice it or use a vegetable peeler. Cucumbers make a great infusion as well (or just chop them up to take with you on the road). Click here for iced teas and summer drinks.

iced teas

Eggs to use up? Make a frittata. It could be your supper or breakfast on the go while you’re travelling. Here’s an easy recipe starring broccoli but you could use any veg. Or just hard-boil some eggs and take some salt and pepper or chilli salt for dipping into or some harissa spice mix or za’atar, also great for sprinkling over crudites (chopped carrots, celery, peppers) to make them more exciting. Try this recipe.

waste saving.

Got bananas? Make a banana bread or muffins or freeze chopped bananas for milkshakes, smoothies, or ice cream when you get home. Milk to use up? Freeze it so you can have a cuppa as soon as you get home or make an iced coffee for the road. Try this banana bread recipe.

fairtrade banana bread

With leftover herbs or rocket… Whizz into a pesto, or herby drizzle, freeze it in ice cube trays or a container and you can make 10 minute pesto pasta for your first meal home without having to head to the shops. Try this recipe.

melissa hemsley herb drizzle


If you’ve got more tips and tricks to waste less then do let me know! And share any recipes with me on instagram @melissa.hemsley 

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