5 Things to do with your Courgettes | Melissa Hemsley
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5 Recipes with Courgettes


5 Things to do with Courgettes

It’s definitely Courgette season so let’s enjoy them whilst we can! If like me you’ve been growing your own this year then you’ll know just how exciting it is to pick them off & eat them straight from the garden & if you’ve got lots, why not gift some to your neighbours in need. Here are 5 things you can do with your courgettes to suit any mood or celebration!


1. Make a big hearty salad
Like this Quinoa, Roasted courgette & Feta salad which is a firm favourite in our house. Roast the courgette first & serve either hot or cold. Use any grains you have & throw in lots of fresh herbs too. Get the recipe.


2. Make this 5 minute salad
Rather than cooking the courgette, peel them into ribbons, squeeze over zesty lemon & scatter with fresh basil & any cheese you fancy, I’ve gone for Mozzarella. Get the recipe.


3. Fry it with garlic & chilli
Let your courgettes sizzle away with lots of garlic, chilli and oil and serve as a side for a big bbq.
Get the recipe.


4. Make a fresh salad
This courgette ribbon salad with mint, avocado, tomatoes & crispy fried halloumi is such a crowd pleaser. Add in any other herbs & salad you like.
Get the recipe.

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5. Make a Summer soup
Use up your odds & ends of the courgettes or anything else you have for a soothing Summer soup with fresh herb pesto.
Recipe in my cookbook Eat Green

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