A few days exploring in Cornwall | Melissa Hemsley
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A few days in Cornwall


A few days in Cornwall

This September we spent a few very rested days in beautiful Cornwall. We spent the majority of our time staring out in wonder at the views from the Watergate Bay Hotel and I had lots of reading time and Nelly cuddles. Cornwall is absolutely my happy place (and the Isles of Scilly) and every time I get to go it feels like a whole different trip. Here are some things we got up to and let me know if you’ve been or have any recommendations too…

Cornwall Day 1 ~ Seal spotting, pups playing, epic skies & long long beaches, DIY pizza night, food trucks & a dip at sunset.
We were very kindly hosted for 2 nights in our own beach house at the amazing chilled @threemilebeach in Gwithian Beach near St Ives on the north coast of Cornwall. Which was breathtakingly beautiful.

Postcard from Day 2 ~ we enjoyed morning coffee on the deck, a “hedgehog ice cream” and an epic Cornish inspired dinner (with leftover blackberry ginger clotted cream crumble for breakfast the next day) from local chef Rupert @philleighway who runs a cookery school here in Cornwall – but he does virtual courses for everyone if you’re looking for a fun class to do with friends online.

Cornwall Day 3 ~ After a big old coastal walk from here on Gwitithian @threemilebeach up to Chapel Porth & St Agnes, we spent the evening watching the light changing over the whole bay for an epic sunset. We had massive loft windows right on the water where we spent the day glued to the gigantic open windows admiring the surfers, boogie boarders & kite surfers and watching generations of families come and go from dawn til late late late and we’d nip out every few hours for a splash around (me), surf (henry), very loud non stop barking and running at the waves (Nelly).

My favourite meal this year was courtesy of @emilyscottfood ‘s new restaurant on Watergate Bay. I bought myself Emily’s cookbook *Sea and Shore* which is stunning and so I can learn from the best and really enjoyed the delicious smelling @landandwater_ ~ small batch, big refillable, sustainably sourced, uk made bath products. A very very special few nights in Cornwall thanks to @watergatebay .

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