A Sustainable Scottish Eat Happy feast | Melissa Hemsley
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A Sustainable Scottish Eat Happy feast


A Sustainable Scottish Eat Happy feast

Last weekend I ventured to Dumfries House, in Scotland, for a delicious dinner with HRH The Prince of Wales’s charity The Prince’s Foundation to celebrate SOS (Scottish & Organic Sustainable Festival), which will launch with it’s first festival in Summer next year.

After wandering through the gardens, picking veg and berries for the feast, the chefs and I (led by head Chef, Tom) served up lots of yummy recipes from my cookbook ‘Eat Happy’. Including my courgette pizza bites with pesto, tomato & parmesan & buckwheat blinis with smoked salmon, capers & sour cream, & my turbo turmeric orange mocktail which kicked off the gorgeous organic garden tour.

Pics by Iain Brown.

Such a lovely weekend in the countryside!

Melissa x

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