A Very Happy Kitchen with the Wayfair Happy House | Melissa Hemsley
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Happy Kitchen in the Wayfair Happy House

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A Very Happy Kitchen in the Wayfair Happy House

Last week, on a very cold grey morning in London, I put on an all day breakfast spread for some lovely guests at the vibrantly designed Wayfair ‘Happy House’ which was full of flowers and good cheer.

On my feel good menu were platters of beetroot cured salmon, fresh out the oven banana bread with cranberries and dark choc chips, baked avocados, a spicy spinach egg fry up, jugs of Mexican hot chocolate, chai lattes and pomegranate almond muffins and MORE!  In between feeding everyone in the gorgeously curated kitchen, I kept popping upstairs to the gentle meditation sessions with my good friend Michael James Wong of Boys of Yoga.  Thanks team Wayfair and Michael for a joyful start to 2018!


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