10 Easy Ways to Waste Less Food | Melissa Hemsley
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10 Easy Ways to Waste Less Food


  10 Easy Ways to Waste Less Food

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Wasting less food in our homes not only helps the planet but it also means saving more money and getting the most out of what we’ve got. So here are 10 tips and tricks to use in your own home to make the most of your ingredients and celebrate your food. You can find loads more tips and recipes as well as an A-Z of ingredients to help you waste less in my cookbook Eat Green.

And for more recipes to waste less, head here.

1. Look forward to leftovers by perking them up with drizzles & crunchy toppings to stop them being boring.

2. Use the A-Z of ingredients (in *Eat Green* ) to use up odds and ends of vegetables, jars and packets.

3. Roughly grate leftover veg into crispy freestyle fritters.

4. Whizz herb stems & wilted salad leaves into pestos & salsa verdes.

5. Turn your bruised apples and soft bananas into a cake – the famous Fruit Bowl Bake.

6. Or blend fruit into creamy ice lollies or frozen yoghurts and ice creams.

7. Roast cauliflower leaves, stir fry broccoli stalks & blend carrot tops into delicious spiced green dips.

8. Freeze what you can’t eat or share it with a friend or neighbourhood food sharing app.

9. Batch cook, it’s easier and less annoying than you think! Cook once, eat twice.

10. Give root veg the homemade crisp action by baking thin circles and sprinkling with salt.  Works with carrots, sweet potatoes, beetroot…

Find yourself lots more tips and tricks to waste less and save more….  in my recipe book *Eat Green*

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