An Eat Happy Summer Solstice | Melissa Hemsley
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An ‘Eat Happy’ Summer Solstice


An ‘Eat Happy’ Summer Solstice

Last week I celebrated the Summer Solstice in style by cooking a lovely bunch of happy feasters a gorgeous ‘Eat Happy’ spread at Soho Farmhouse.  Not only did we cook outside (my favorite thing ever) but we also used as much of their veg garden produce as possible. Heaven!

On our Summer Solstice menu: grapefruit cucumber & basil gin cocktails, chickpea crackers, broccoli, pea & feta dip, turmeric hummus, aubergine parmesan pizza bites, this roasted cauliflower Vietnamese chilli salad, watermelon feta & bbq’d avocado, pak choy & herb sesame salad, hoisin salmon burgers, quinoa tabbouleh, chocolate raspberry pots & coconut happiness balls with iced turbo turmeric lime tea.

All of the recipes were taken from my cookbook Eat Happy and were such a success!

Thanks to everyone who came along and shared the occasion and especially to Team Cookhouse (Alice, Gerard, Stewart, James, Emma, Pietro) and Clerkenwell Boy for asking me to guest chef his summer series!

Who’s been cooking outside this Summer? It makes me very happy indeed!

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