Asparagus Recipes for Spring time | Melissa Hemsley
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Asparagus Recipes for Spring


Asparagus Recipes for Spring


Asparagus is in season from late April to June and it really does feel like spring has sprung when it’s here. It’s a great time to celebrate this delicious veg so here are 7 recipes to enjoy, including a *Bottoms Soup* which invites you to eat the ends that you might usually throw away. When not in season, enjoy these recipes by swapping in broccoli or other greens.

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1. Speedy Spinach Chickpea Pancakes
Ready in under 10 minutes, these Green Spinach Pancakes are adapted from my Chickpea Pancakes in my cookbook ‘Eat Happy’ (p190) and can be topped with anything you like. When asparagus season comes around, I love them with roasted asparagus on top.
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2. Spring Breakfast Tray bake
This Breakfast tray bake is delicious year round with seasonal veg but extra special when asparagus is in season. Frozen peas or beans, along with a handful of herbs makes this a real crowd pleaser.
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3. Spring Soup with Wild Garlic & Herb Pesto
A lovechild of minestrone & primavera with all the cheerful colours of Spring, this soup is delicious in good and bad weather alike. When asparagus & wild garlic are both in season, this is when this soup is in it’s full delight.
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4. BLT Salad with Asparagus
This is delicious served cold as a part of packed lunch or a picnic but also very tasty as a warm dish with the bacon and asparagus straight from the oven and the eggs still hot, yolks oozing. Be sure to use good-quality bacon or swap the bacon for a handful of anchovies or fried halloumi slices.
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5. Halloumi & Greens Dippy Eggs
Dippy eggs have always been a firm favourite of mine. They’re so quick and easy to whip up in the morning and paired with sticks of fried halloumi and asparagus make them even better. These are pictures with tender stem broccoli but they’re so great with asparagus when in season.
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6.  Asparagus, Broccoli & Halloumi Salad
This Salad with Lentils & a Herby Dressing to drizzle over is a firm favourite of mine. I love it year round but I think I like it best in Spring when asparagus can get involved too.
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bottoms soup asparagus

7. Bottoms Soup
A speedy, satisfying soup celebrating the bottoms, or ends, of vegetables. Asparagus season is short, so make use of the asparagus ends that would otherwise be tossed away. The ends have a great flavour and simmering them softens them enough to make a delightful spring soup.
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