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Bake for Syria

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Bake for Syria

I’m so thrilled to take part again in the second #BakeForSyria and helping to make another £10K to add to the £400K already raised by the team of volunteers at Cook For Syria for Syrian families. Led by superstar baker Lily Vanilli, hundreds came together on the weekend at Old Spitalfields Market for bake, dance, donate and we had a fantastic huge raffle to end! If you’ve been to the Hemsley Selfridges Cafe you might have ordered the spiced lentil soup with £2 from every soup going to the Cook For Syria fund.
The 3rd Bake for Syria will be early next year so get involved with us! I love spending my time working with charity projects and partners and if you’re looking for a charity to volunteer with then click here to see what others I support and follow me on Instagram and Facebook 

There’s so many ways you can help or donate some of your skills!

This was the 1st Bake for Syria on Columbia Road in the Summer and was a roaring success!

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