Warming Baked Oats Three Ways | Melissa Hemsley
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Baked Oats Three Ways


Baked Oats Three Ways

baked oats melissa hemsley

Warming breakfasts that get you out of bed in the morning are a real saviour & my current favourite is Baked Oats which has had a real resurgence lately on social media. And for good reason! 

The basic recipe is super easy & flexible but most importantly it’s delicious, comforting & warming. Ingredients are easy to get & you can adapt it to be plant based. You can also swap out your oats for quinoa flakes or buckwheat flakes & everyone can customise their own toppings & style to suit their taste buds. 

I also love adding more fruit and veg into the basic mix – if you have any leftover mashed sweet potato, pumpkin, squash or carrot that will add a natural sweetness and creaminess to your mix.  Or grate in apple or pear, squeeze in some OJ or add some leftover citrus zest from your limes and lemons #nowaste. I also recommend adding in a teaspoon of your favourite nut butter or try tahini or how about a little chopped chocolate. At the moment as we’re only just coming out of winter I’m using frozen fruit but come summer go for it with strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blackberries, peaches, apricots etc.

So here are three of my favourite variations that you can pop in the oven in the morning whilst you shower or do other things before tucking into golden crusty oats.

And if you love this, you’ll really enjoy the ‘Fruit Bowl Bake’ recipe in my cookbook ‘Eat Green: delicious flexitarian recipes for planet friendly eating’ which is a super simple and delicious cakey breakfast bake that makes use of any fruit in your fruit bowl that needs eating up and uses oat flour and ground almonds, it’s had rave reviews so I hope you like it too.

Chocolate Blueberry & Banana Baked Oats
All the berries taste good in this variation. If you’ve got protein powder, add some here, I love it with cocoa powder and also a few roughly chopped squares of dark chocolate that will melt and add some lovely gooey bits.
Get the recipe.

raspberry bake well oats melissa hemsley

Raspberry Bakewell Style
This would also be fantastic with cherries. I used frozen berries as we’re out of season at the moment but when in season, swap for fresh raspberries. strawberries, cherries and blackberries. If you don’t have flaked almonds, just chop some regular almonds.
Get the recipe.

Carrot cake baked oats melissa hemsley

Carrot Cake Style
Get your spice cupboard involved here for that carrot cake feel or if you have a chai spice mix, a little would be delicious in the batter. If you don’t have a carrot, grate in ½ an apple instead.
Get the recipe.

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