Bank Holiday Feasting Recipes | Melissa Hemsley
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Bank Holiday Feasts


Bank Holiday Feasts

If you’re entertaining or just in need of some delicious recipes to enjoy on a long summer weekend then I hope these dishes do just the job. From easy brunches to big salads and even sweets to cool off with; these are all some of my faves. Feel free to add in any other ingredients you already have at home to minimise waste and make your food go further.

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Basil, Parmesan & Tomato Eggs
Simple but absolutely delicious is this one pan brunch, ready in about 2 minutes. Add in any other veggies or cheeses to the mix and enjoy.
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5 minute Courgette & Mozarella Salad
This 5 minute, easy peasy courgette & mozzarella is a great salad in a hurry, when you’re short on time and want maximum enjoyment. It feeds 3-4 as a side or make it heartier by frying some cooked beans with garlic and tossing them through it.
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Party Pasta Salad
An easy veg packed big batch recipe for picnics & chilled parties. We’ve got cherry tomatoes, Parmesan, sweetcorn, carrots, olives, basil, peppers and cucumber in there.
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Fried Chickpea, Cucumber & Tomato Salad
I absolutely love this salad with crispy fried chickpeas. It’s got freshness plus fried bits and crunch and juiciness- everything I want in a salad.
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Mint, Feta, Watermelon Salad
If you’ve got 5 minutes of energy, try this one. It’s a classic for a reason & it feels like a Greek holiday even in London! Or if you’ve got my cookbook Eat Happy the recipe is in there!
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Fuss Free Party Platters
These party platters have the ultimate wow factor without needing too much effort.You can either go all out on expensive ingredients or keep it simple with lovely crudités and home-made hummus.
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iced teas

Hydration Stations
If you’ve got guests coming over, making a hydration station takes all the stress away from making everyone a drinks. Assemble some chopped fresh or frozen fruit, your favourite herbs and anything that needs using up like lemon peels.
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Frozen Chocolate Banana Lollies
These make any hot day even better!They take minutes to make and then store in the freezer so you’ve got a little frozen snack to enjoy whenever you fancy. Cover with your favourite toppings and enjoy.
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