The best Summer Burger Recipes | Melissa Hemsley
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The best Summer Burgers


The best Summer Burger Recipes

Burgers for me are one of the ultimate ‘get together’ foods. If you’re throwing a party and you’re the designated chef, you’ll love them for their versatility and ability to please a crowd!

Whenever I throw a party, burgers, in some shape or form, are part of the feast. Summer or Winter, they work all year round. Mini bite size burgers make a great canape and are delicious hot from the oven or grill or served warm topped with guacamole or salsas.

My favourite one this year is my ‘Asian Turkey & Carrot Burger’ from my cookbook ‘Eat Happy’. They are a hit with everyone and the juicy sweetness comes from adding the grated carrot. I’ll bbq them, grill them, oven bake, whatever’s easiest and whatever the occasion calls for. Any minced meat works beautifully and in Summer months, I love to serve these burgers in crunchy fresh lettuce with maybe some sliced tomatoes or shredded red cabbage and some pickled onion slices. They’re fast and fuss free to make and I’m all about 30 minute recipes. I believe less time in the kitchen and more time sitting down, relaxing and enjoying mealtimes with your loved ones.

Some other top burger flavours I have on rotation are:

1) Mexican bean burgers (pg148 in Eat Happy) – loved by veggie friends and meat eating friends alike  – I like these with a garlic yoghurt.

2) My lamb or beef koftas that I shape into burgers and serve with a chilli jam

3) My salmon ginger burgers served with homemade hoisin sauce and lots of coriander and mint. Divine!

What’s your favourite way to cook burgers?


Melissa x

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