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Vogue: Brands giving Back

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Brands that are Doing Good and Giving Back

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In my latest Vogue sustainability column ‘Eat Think Grow’, I’m sharing some brilliant companies with a conscience. If you’re looking to support brands and purchase products that are leaving a positive impact on their own communities and the planet at large, check out the shopping list of some of my favourite responsible food and drink brands.

Some of them are raw ingredients to cook with, some of them are ready to eat and sip. Nothing beats home cooking and homemade products, but these are well worth checking out for when you’re next at the shops and want to vote with your spending power. Everything is delicious, that goes without saying, but these are the brands that are thinking about people as well as profits and who are ongoing in their commitments to do a bit better every year.

It was cheering this week to see the news about Waitrose in Oxford and its new “unpackaged” aisle – much more of this please from all the supermarkets! (If you missed my column on the joys of refill shops, check it out here.)

Check out the full article here.

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