Bumble Bizz: The Truth about Entrepreneurship | Melissa Hemsley
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Bumble Bizz Talk

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Bumble Bizz Talk: The Truth about Entrepreneurship

This week I spoke on a panel with Bumble Bizz at Mortimer House on being an entrepreneur alongside power women, Georgina Harding and Naomi Mdudu. It was a truly inspiring discussion about starting your own business, keeping it afloat and how to be a good boss.

I spoke about how my passion grows every day for what I do by keeping myself surrounded by inspiring and interesting people, how you don’t have to be qualified to make a difference, you can do anything you want and how my charity work allows me to gain perspective.

I also discussed the importance of knowing your own goals and letting go of the notion of being ‘happy’ at a specific milestone in your career.

It was a really fabulous evening and thank you so much Bumble Bizz and Mortimer House for allowing me to share the panel with other incredible women.

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