Canal Clean Up with Plastic Patrol | Melissa Hemsley
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Canal Clean up with Plastic Patrol

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Canal Clean up with Plastic Patrol

This weekend I spent a glorious, but sobering, Saturday in London with Plastic Patrol (founded by Lizzie Carr). We spent the day paddle boarding the West London canals and trying not to fall in. It was *Global Clean Up Day* but these guys are rescuing rubbish all the time over the world on the water and streets too.

After patrolling and litter picking and back on dry land, we emptied our buckets to record our rubbish and it was gob smacking to see how much we collected in just a couple of hours. I’d be quicker next time as I got to grips with all the multitasking of paddling, picking, getting out the way or barges and boats and not falling in but I managed to pick up about 30 pieces…from tote bags to crisp packets to nappies to the plastic bits that cigarette filters come in.

Plus I managed to stand up on the board and not get a face full of canal (I’m quite terrified of water) which was a small personal victory for me. If you want to help clean up the canals and do your bit, I’d really recommend getting involved with Plastic Patrol, I had lots of fun making new friends and it was a peaceful way to spend the morning whilst doing something tiny but positive for the city too.

Find out more on the #plasticpatrol app or


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