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Canapés & Entertaining!

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Canapés & Entertaining this Festive Season

Does the word CANAPÉ fill you with dread? Would you like to avoid kitchen meltdowns this Christmas? Having experienced that for years, I want to share these delicious recipes with you – they are perfect for WOW-ing guests, adding colour to this dreary weather and are completely foolproof and stress-free for the chef (read: person who is cooking).

Bored of bread and always looking for ways to add in some veggies? Try this – take a sweet potato, slice it into rounds and stick them in the oven. Once you have a collection of these rounds, top them with anything – they are absolutely delish!

Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Rounds with Goats Cheese Canapés

Tired of carrots and hummus, I am. Try this ‘no blender required’ dip with all the benefits of turmeric and its sunshine colour/ nutrients packed in.

Chicory Spears with Turmeric Tahini Dip

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