Charity Clothes Sale to support Shelter the Storm | Melissa Hemsley
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Charity Clothes Sale

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Charity Clothes Sale

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Charity Clothes Sale! I’m excited to give my preloved clothes a new lease of life by sharing them at the Another’s Treasure charity sale to support ‘Shelter from the Storm’.

I’ll be manning my clothes stand on 30th November at the beautiful Ennismore Sessions House to support this charity and let the love for pre-owned clothes live on. It’s just £2 to come and shop and clothes prices start at £5. There will be tons of wonderful women there with their clothes rails, like my friends Eiesha Bharti Pasricha, Arizona Muse, Sharmadean Reid and Laura Jackson. So come down and see us, have a drink and a festive season kick off dance while you’re at it

Grab your tickets to join us here

And if you’re looking for more easy ways to *fight fast fashion*, have a read here.

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