Chocolate & Pistachio dipped Apples

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Chocolate & Pistachio dipped Apples

These chocolate & pistachio dipped apples are SO easy and hit the spot when you need something a little sweet after a meal or for a snack. They’re good fun to get kids involved with and a great way to use up apples. Use whatever nuts you have to hand and add any other ingredients, like coconut flakes, that you think might be yummy. I also love this with pears and satsumas.

Look out for fairtrade chocolate!


1. Break up a handfuls worth of chocolate and melt Bain Marie style (heatproof bowl of chocolate set over a pan of simmering water) then take off the heat.
2. Meanwhile slice up some apples and chop up some pistachios. I also love this with hazelnuts. You can toast the nuts for extra flavour and crunch, if you can be bothered. Any nuts or coconut flakes would be divine.
3. Dip the apple slices in the chocolate and place on a lined tray then sprinkle with nuts and a little sea salt and pop in the fridge for 15 mins or until set.


90g good quality, fair trade dark chocolate
As many apples as you have, sliced into half moons
Small handfuls pistachios, or other nut
Pinch sea salt

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