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Come visit LA with me!


Come visit LA with me!

Here are my top tips for where to eat in Los Angeles and a hike around the Observatory LA LA Land style!

The smoked fish plate and chicken soup at Gjusta, a warehouse bakery cum deli in the Venice beach area (with my friend Eleanor, food editor of Waitrose, who is here visiting) In the evening, we stopped at their big sister Gjlena for duck confit, charred kale, dandelion salad and roasted beets with miso.   |   |


A drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to Soho House’s second home in LA alongside Soho House West Hollywood. The magnificent Little Beach House Malibu, right on the water with Chef making their signature Forbidden Bowl with fermented vegetables.


A fusion of west coast local produce and japanese flavours with the Poke bowl with tuna, avocado, sesame and seaweed. And don’t miss the raw salmon, citrus avocado and nasturtium and ‘brick’ chicken with spicy yoghurt, herbs and grapes.


Malibu beach, the Pacific water in May is still bracing!


Caprese and calamari at Jon & Vinnys, a must eat. Then just down the street, their sister venue, Animal, which is known for it’s ‘nose to tail’ sharing plates.

@jonandvinnydelivery   |   |


Breakfast ping pong championships on our bedroom terrace at Pali House West Hollywood   |


Pali House West Hollywood. Even if you don’t stay, go and brunch at Mardi their courtyard restaurant for buckwheat pancakes, pear butter and cinnamon hazelnuts.   |


A little filming with food editor Thea at Gwyneth Paltrow’s @Goop headquarters in their dreamy kitchen pre lunch at the gorgeous beach house restaurant ‘Shutters on the Beach’.


Tsujita La Artisan Noodles, in Little Osaka. The best ramen in town, we queued for 1.5 hours and were rewarded with the best seat in the house.   |


We stopped by MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) to see the important and politically charged retrospective by Kerry James Marshall. And right opposite is The Broad, also worth a look.   |   |


If you’ve watched La La land, you’ll remember the iconic Observatory with its planetarium. This is the view of Downtown LA from one of the terraces.


Hiking in the hills. Can you just about spot the Hollywood sign!

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