Community Spirit for Free School Meals | Melissa Hemsley
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Community Spirit for Free School Meals


Community Spirit for Free School Meals

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Community spirit for Free School Meals! This week especially, more than ever, it has been amazing to see different charities, local heroes, food businesses & shops pull together to help out, all hands on deck, saving surplus food from being wasted & making sure no child goes hungry. I helped out with my friends @thefelixproject Chef Elek Merdal & new friends too like @chefsinschools_uk deliver to school clubs, youth groups & kids centres in East London around my local neighbourhood.
If you want to see where to access food, check out and theres more info & resources right here too.

I know you’ve all signed the parliament petition now- thank you! I just had a look, its almost at a million strong which is great – let’s hope the government get on with it and urgently too – but half term is still rolling by, it’s getting colder and the Christmas school holidays are coming so if you want to volunteer your time or skills or donate, please check out @thefelixproject @fareshareuk & of course your immediate neighbourhood is the best place to support and share with.

Also last night I chatted to the fantastic energetic team who run the free food sharing global app called  It’s easy, contact free and a great way to connect and share with others when you feel you have more and they have less this year. So head below to watch our chat or click here.


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@melissa.hemsley chats to our co-founder @tlfclarke about how we can all get involved in #cook4kids to help #endchildfoodpoverty

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And finally, if you want to read something beautiful & powerful, here’s a poem that was sent to me this morning by a primary school teacher which she has called The Hunger Pandemic.

hunger pandemic
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