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Cook for Kids Resource List

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Cook For Kids Resource List

If you’ve signed the petitions (if not click here) & now like me, thinking what more you can do to support the 1.4 million UK kids who are going without, here’s a roundup of ways you could help.

List of Local Heroes:
– MAPS enter postcode for free meal support @all_of_us_tgthr
– Cooking at home this week? I recommend downloading free app make a few extra portions to share with a family in your neighborhood #cookforkids
£10 supermarket voucher to families that need it
– Donate items to food banks via your online  & this shows you exactly what each of the food banks in your area are most in need of @cheftimanderson
– More info via @community.comfort
– Read “feed children” “chronic hunger” @foodandpsych
– Follow: @fareshareuk @chefsinschools_uk @foodcyclehq @trusselltrust @thefelixproject
@biteback2030  @magicbreky
– Please share: tell friends, neighbours, school What’a App groups, local community etc so that everyone who urgently needs support, gets some. More on twitter follow #endchildfoodpoverty @marcusrashford
– Check out these amazing hospitality people who are already having such a time themselves but cooking & donating free meals including:

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