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CookTogether CookAlongs so far

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CookTogether CookAlongs so far

I’ve been so enjoying our Saturday Cook Alongs on Instagram and I hope you have been too! If you haven’t caught up yet then head here and choose something you fancy cooking then press play and cook along with us. Thank you for tuning in with us, it’s been amazing with brilliant guests: ( Ixta Belfrage (Ottolenghi), Lara Lee, Clodagh MckKenna, @romygill @originalflava @rangoonsisters @sabrinaghayour @mels_place_east @thehappypear @cheftomhunt @skyemcalpine)

Last week I was joined by Maunika Gowardhan for a Chocolate Diwali Barfi & a Cauliflower Curry and check out below who’s joining me over the next few weeks!

7th November @luminarybakery
14th November @lornamaseko
21st November @oliahercules
28th November @zoeadjonyoh of Ghana Kitchen
12th December @sisterwomanvegan

and more brilliant chefs to come, sign up to my newsletter for new dates.

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