A Cooking date with Marie Claire | Melissa Hemsley
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A cooking date with Marie Claire

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A cooking date with Marie Claire

The wonderful Holly Rains at Marie Claire came over to my kitchen for a date and not only did we cook two delicious dishes together from ‘Eat Happy’, but I also showed her my top tip for spanking a pomegranate and chatted all foodie things over a glass of wine and my little choc pots!

Have a watch here below!

Holly's First Date – Melissa Hemsley

Have you ever spanked a pomegranate? When you cook with Melissa Hemsley, things tend to get fruity…

Posted by Marie Claire UK on Mittwoch, 7. Februar 2018


Holly's First Date – Melissa Hemsley

Take a look inside Melissa Hemsley's incredible kitchen #interiorgoals

Posted by Marie Claire UK on Sonntag, 11. Februar 2018

Spiced Quinoa Tabbouleh & Spanish Chickpea Stew from ‘Eat Happy’

Little Choc Pots from ‘Eat Happy’

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