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Creative Mornings

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Creative Mornings Talk

Though I was quivering from head to toe, last Friday, I gave a 40 minute talk for Creative Mornings. I spoke about my quest for conquering some of my fears, the importance of challenging my own comfort zones in different ways (even though I dread it and often really, really, really don’t want to) and doing what makes you happy.

My focusses were:

  • Having a Game Plan; dreaming big and going with your gut.
  • Being Braver than Brave; saying ‘Yes’ to often very scary things but also exciting, but also saying No, and learning that’s okay.
  • Finding Your Tribe and surrounding yourself with inspiring, positive people, who are better than you and push you to be the best.
  • Eating Happy; eating well for energy and concentration levels as well as pleasure and reward.
  • Making bedtime sacred and Sleeping! Which is much more important than working. My Mum used to call bedtime, beauty sleep and brain sleep!
  • Self Love and Giving yourself Pep Talks; check in with yourself and remember why you’re doing this. Remembering that you are enough.
  • Finding Balance; find the balance between your work time and play/relaxing time. Prioritise time for mediation, give yourself a digital detox.
  • Doing something for someone else; it gives you perspective, a boost and is incredibly rewarding for both you and the other person. When you make some soup, double it and give it to a friend, a neighbour, someone who needs it.
  • Being kind to YOU; work out what really makes you happy. Write a list of things you can call on when you’re feeling down, overwhelmed or stressed.


It was such a joy to talk to all of the lovely people that came to the morning, full of support and smiling faces.

Watch the full video below.

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