Dog-Friendly London | Melissa Hemsley
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Dog-Friendly London


Dog-Friendly London

Nelly and I give the lowdown on our favourite spots for our friends at Suitcase Magazine.

Nelly, Melissa Hemsley and Henry Relph

Dog name, age and breed:

Nelly, age three, blue Irish Staffordshire terrier.

Human name and occupation:

Melissa Hemsley, cook and food writer and Henry Relph, DJ and Art advisor.

What does your dog’s dream day look like?

A whole morning of chasing sticks and other four-legged friends (with plenty of splashing around in rivers or lakes), a big lunch that revolves around chicken, an afternoon of napping, and finally being carried into bed and tucked in.

What is your dog’s worst habit?

Bed hogging.

What would your dog say is your worst habit?

Going on holidays without her.

What is your dog’s most endearing quality?

Her big smile – she is always happy and enthusiastic.

Where is your dog’s favourite London park?

Epping Forest.

Has your dog got a pet passport and where have you been together?

Yes. She loves a bit of continental travel. In the summer, we took a fun 10-day road trip around France – we visited our friends Mimi and Oddur Thorinson and their 14 dogs.

What would be your dream doggie holiday?

Somewhere like Austria – hiking, splashing in lakes, camping. Henry and I have just come back from Tulum in Mexico where the dogs there were swimming and sunbathing on the beach – we’d have loved Nelly to enjoy that.

What’s your dog getting for Christmas?

Epic long walks in the countryside and lots of fireplace snoozing.

Who is your dog’s best friend?

Melissa’s Mum because she completely indulges her – lovingly prepared meals, neck massages and belly rubs multiple times a day.

What is your dog’s favourite meal?

Roast chicken – thighs over breast.

If your dog was a human, what would their catchphrase be?

Life is beautiful!

What would be their party trick?

If you dance, Nelly will immediately jump up on her back legs and dance with you. She could make it into the final of Strictly Come Dancing.

Where is your dog’s happy place?

Buried in a massive pile of our dirty clothes!

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