Eat Green Book Cover Reveal | Melissa Hemsley
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Eat Green Cover Reveal


Eat Green Cover Reveal

melissa hemsley eat green

I’ve been so very excited to show you this… the cover of my cookbook *EAT GREEN* which is out and about in 10 short weeks! At some moments this year, it felt like it might never get to the printers but it’s there now (WHOOP) and I can’t wait to share it with you come January!

*EAT GREEN* is over 100 easy, delicious and simple flexitarian recipes for planet-friendly eating. But what does that even mean?! It means getting the most out of all of your ingredients, cutting right back on waste, eating with the seasons, enjoying a great variety of veg and collectively helping us reduce our impact on the planet.

You’ll be getting lots of:

tips for using up odds & ends, inspiration to get more flexible in the kitchen & out shopping.

non boring ways to reinvent your leftovers & look forward to them.

batch cooking advice & easy ways to save money & time & to stock up your freezer for rainy days.

make-ahead packed lunches for work & ways to cut down on plastic as much as you can.

family-friendly dishes & healthy spins on comfort food favourites to keep everyone happy.

30 minute dinners & one pot meals & one tray bakes for quick fuss free weeknight wins.

plus an A-Z guide of practical ideas for using up veg ends & *scraps* that you might usually throw away.

ways to rethink waste & enjoying fruit & veg in it’s full glory.

Every recipe has simple swaps so that quality meat and fish can be added in or taken away as you like, so everyone can enjoy each recipe, whether they are an omnivore, vegetarian or someone who eats consciously but label free!

Knowing that zero waste is not achievable for many of us, I hope that you’ll find cooking from *EAT GREEN* will be a helping hand in the first steps to a more sustainable way of eating.
We all want a lovely comforting dinner to come home too, don’t we? So at the heart of this, it’s a celebration of simple really good food that anyone can cook and everyone can savor. Hope you’ll enjoy it and find it super useful.

Melissa x


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