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UK Book Tour Updates


UK Book Tour Updates

It has been SUCH a pleasure travelling to see you all on my Eat Green Book Tour so far! I’m still journeying far and wide to bring my recipes to you and give you more tips for wasting less food in the kitchen and doing your bit for the planet.
A big thank you to everyone who has bought tickets or signed up to chat with me so far, it’s been an absolute joy. Here are some more dates that have been added or updated and if you haven’t got round to joining me then now’s your chance!


– 5th March – A talk on food waste & Book Signing at We are Blessed Chichester (with Waterstones)
– 13th March – A 5 course feast at River Cottage HQ
– 19th March – Talks & cocktails at Phlox Books London
– 24th March – An Eat Green Supper at Heckfield Place
– 3rd April – Women’s Health Live London


– 20th January: Topping & Co, Edinburgh
– 2nd & 23rd January: Riverford Field Kitchen
– 23rd January: Topping & Co, Bath
– 27th January: Chorleywood Bookshop
– 28th January: Waterstones Cambridge
– 2nd February: Burley Manor, New Forest
– 13th February – Waterstones Bristol
– 13th February – Ethicurean Restaurant
– 16th February – Sunday Times Life Lessons London

To find out more about Eat Green click here or get your copy here.
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