Eat Happy Fireside Feast at Rothbar & Grill | Melissa Hemsley
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Eat Happy Fire Side Feast at Roth Bar & Grill


Eat Happy Fire Side Feast at Roth Bar & Grill

This week I’ve been in beautiful Somerset with Nelly & Henry, sharing feasts from ‘Eat Happy’ with all you West Country folk and it’s been an absolute joy.

Last night we brought the feast to the Fireside, in an epic Summer feast hosted at RothBar & Grill at the stunning Hauser & Wirth.

A huge thank you to all who came and shared in our delicious menu, what a lovely evening it was!

Photos by Ed Schofield.

Smoked cedar plank trout served with hoisin sauce, cabbage & cucumber slaw.

Homewood ewes cheese, grilled avocado, watermelon, olive tapenade.

Blackened spatchcock Castlemead Farm chicken served with Grilled sweetcorn, mint & coriander, quinoa, tomato & olive salad & a russian dressing.


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