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‘Eat Happy’ out Tomorrow!

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‘Eat Happy’ Out Tomorrow

Eat Happy, my celebration of feel-good food is now available!

I am so excited to share my new cookbook of simple and uplifting food with you all and thank you to all of you that have already preordered and am really looking forward to seeing what you all start making this weekend.

I know you love food so I guess you already have tons of cookery books, so what makes Eat Happy special?

I challenged myself to create recipes for you that are designed to tick all of these boxes and be:

-Ready in half an hour or less and so easy that anyone can cook them
-Easily doubled to be batch cooked for the fridge or freezer so that good food is always accessible when you’re in a hurry and you can ‘shop from your freezer’
-Flexible; it’s all about using what you’ve already got in the cupboards and using up leftovers to make meals out of bits and bobs which means you save money and waste less
-Cook once, eat twice, with tons of ideas for packed lunches and zero leakage in your bag
-Packed with a rainbow of veg
-Full of your favourite comfort foods with my spin on homemade takeaways and ready meals
-Use one pan or one oven tray for minimal washing up to save time in the kitchen so you’ve got more time to enjoy eating with your loved ones

Some of my favourite 30 minute recipes are the Chinese fried quinoa with spicy garlic sesame oil (a great way to use up leftover quinoa), a comforting miso noodle bowl, my dream takeaway –  hoisin duck pancakes with all the trimmings, quick pizza omelettes, spiced quinoa tabbouleh (perfect for a pancake lunch) and a 5 ingredient Little Chocolate Pot.

All of us can eat well every night of the week, no matter how busy, with store-cupboard ingredients and recipes that are fast, fuss free, big on flavour, feel good and most importantly, delicious!

I can’t wait to see what you think- get your hands on your copy of Eat Happy here!

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