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Eat Green

EAT GREEN: Delicious flexitarian recipes for planet-friendly eating. Click here to get your copy.

We all want to eat in a way that is delicious, nourishing, exciting and good for the planet, while saving us time and money. EAT GREEN is about getting you cooking confidently to do just that whether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian or something in between.

You’ll find 100 flavour-packed recipes that use UK-grown, easy-to-buy ingredients, that will help you cut food waste and save you time and money. EAT GREEN is about celebrating seasonal vegetables and meat and fish can be added in or taken away so everyone can enjoy a delicious meal together.

Here are some lovely things that people have said about Eat Green…

“A delicious and much needed nudge towards a healthier and more sustainable kitchen” – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

“Wonderful, simple, seasonal meals” – Red Magazine

“Consider Eat Green your new kitchen commandments for green home cooking” – GQ

“Simple yet sensational meat free recipes”– Homes & Garden

“If cooking doesn’t exactly play to your strengths, this book was practically made for you. Perfect for all of us time-poor Londoners” – Evening Standard

“Make food go further in the kitchen with Melissa” – Telegraph

“Sometimes you pick up a cookbook that feels as if it was made for you. Eat Green is exactly that.” – Stylist

Featured on Channel 4 News with Jon Snow, BBC Food Program with Sheila Dillon, BBC Radio 4 with Claudia Winkleman, The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, BBC Radio London with Gaby Roslin, Radio 5 with Laura Whitmore and ITV News.

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EAT GREEN is also stuffed with flexi tips, waste-cutting advice and easy-to-adapt, feel-good recipes to give you the confidence to use up your odds and ends, to reinvent your leftovers, to make the freezer your friend, to use your ingredients in their edible entirety and to switch up your vegetables depending on the season.

More ways EAT GREEN will help you shop smart, waste less and make a difference:

 find easy swaps to use up food you have to hand and reinvent your leftovers
 batch cooking advice and meals to stock up your freezer
 quick 30 minute midweek dinners and one pot meals
 make-ahead packed lunches for work or weekend trips
 family-friendly dishes and healthy spins on comfort food favourites
 an A-Z of full of creative ideas for using up odds and ends that you might usually throw away

eat green

Get your hands on my brand new cookbook "eat green” here.