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Fairtrade Fortnight Recipes


Fairtrade Fornight Recipes

As part of
Fairtrade fortnight, join me in celebrating the people who grow our food, in particular, the amazing women who grow the cocoa in the chocolate we love so much. With ingredients that nourish more than just our souls, *below are some scrumptious recipes* that will give back to the incredible people who put so much into the everyday food we often take for granted. And head here for some brilliant Fairtrade brands and products that are doing great things for the farmers.

Back in November 2018, I was also fortunate enough to visit the incredible women in Kenya, who farm coffee beans & saw first hand the difference Fairtrade has made to their lives and their communities. A few years ago, they were each given 50 coffee bushes from their husbands, which was a huge decision made by each man at the time as their husbands owned all of the assets, land & controlled the income. Since then, the women tell me that they now feel more empowered than ever, are happier and have more peace at home for their family alongside a thriving community. It really was an eye-opening trip & brought home just how Fairtrade can give back.

Chocolate Hazelnut Bake

We all need a quick & simple chocolate recipe up our sleeves to make in a hurry for our loved ones & this Chocolate & Hazelnut Bake does just the job. Made with Fairtrade Cocoa Powder & heavenly fairtrade dark chocolate mixed throughout. Share with your friends who need a little love. They make great lunchbox snacks too! Get the recipe here.

Fairtrade Fruit & Nut Florentines

These fruit & nut florentines take just 5 minutes of prep & are the best way to use up odds & ends. I used fairtrade chocolate & devoured it with turmeric & ginger tea. For chocolate, check out Divine Chocolate Cocoa Loco, for herbs and spices, Pukka herbs & Wunder Workshop & for nuts Zaytoun, who are all doing amazing things in the communities where they source their ingredients.
Head here for the recipe.

Roasted Maple Carrot & Za’atar Salad

This maple roasted Carrot & Za’atar salad is SO simple and ticks the boxes for a satisfying mix of hot/ cold, crunchy/creamy and healthy/hearty. If you’ve got other veg to use up after a big roast, feel free to throw them in too and easily made vegan by leaving out the feta. I’ve used the absolutely delicious za’atar which is from sustainably sourced company Zaytoun and the rich argan oil is from Arganic.  Get the recipe here.

Hazelnut Raisin Banana Bread

fairtrade banana bread
This fairtrade recipe is based on one of the very first banana breads I ever baked over 10 years ago as a private chef with my sister for Hemsley + Hemsley. I’ve updated the recipe with added crunch from sesame seeds and hazelnuts and juiciness from raisins, you can also add chocolate chunks too if you fancy. Get the recipe.

Kenya photos by wonderful Chris Terry.


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