Fashion Our Future: A sustainabilty pledge | Melissa Hemsley
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Fashion Our Future

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Fashion Our Future

melissa hemsley slow fashion

Last Monday, I helped with the menu for the launch of #FASHIONOURFUTURE a new community platform where you pledge to change the way you consume fashion & nominate your friends to pick their pledges for 2020. Who’s on board?

My main personal pledge (amongst other pledges) is to channel my inner sewing bee and *MAKE DO AND MEND*. I will commit to embracing fixing, sewing, altering and mending my wardrobe. I have a local high street shop but my Mum does this already for me too (thanks Mum) and she’s going to teach me the basics for quick fixes because I’m 34 now and she still cuts my fringe and reminds me to go to bed early.

Congrats for setting this important community up @amy_powney and thank you for asking me to curate the special @fashionourfuture menu which @claridgeshotel @chefmnail brought to life with seasonal and organic veg, @fairtradeuk chocolate, vanilla and spices and beans and quinoa from the brilliant British pulse pioneers @hodmedods.

What will you pledge?

melissa hemsley slow fashion
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