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My Fave Feel-Good Festive Recipes

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My Favourite Feel-Good Festive Recipes

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It’s that time of year again, Christmas is around the corner and we’re planning our festive feasting.

I’ve rounded up my favourite Christmas recipes, from veg-centric salads and mains to sweet treats and edible gifts to leftover recipes (because nobody likes to waste so much food during the holidays).

As with every year, I’m trying to eat in a more planet-friendly way by embracing more seasonal veggies, finding delicious ways to use up my leftovers (hello, turkey curry) and eating less but good-quality meat. If you’re keen to know more about all of that, check out my new book Eat Green, out in January!

And for those times you’ve got friends visiting and no time to cook, here are my top tips for throwing together beautiful party platters – just the ticket for keeping things stress-free.

christmas vegetarian sweet potato canapes

Loaded Sweet Potato Canapés
Do you need nibbles this festive season? Bored of bread as a base? Use veg – for really quick canapes, go for cucumber or radish and for something heartier and hot, sweet potato rounds, beetroot or squash with your fave toppings
. Find the recipe here.

eat the seasons january winter salad

Fruity Festive Salad
This Christmas salad recipe is fruity, festive and colourful and will get your tastebuds all perked up. A great Christmas buffet recipe for sharing. Find the recipe here.

food waste, melissa hemsley, sustainable

Maple Roasted Carrot Salad
This maple roasted Carrot & Za’atar Festive salad is SO simple and great if you’ve got lots of roasted veg to use up after a Christmas feast. 
Find the recipe here.

vegan cookies recipe

Vegan Fruit n Nut Choc Cookies
These festive vegan cookies have been going down such a treat in my house. Use any nut butter you like. I love to stud these cookies with green pistachio and deep red cranberries but they are divine with any dried fruit or nuts – try chopped dates or apricots and cashews. A great excuse to use up any odds and ends of fruit or nut packets. Find the recipe here. 

leftover turkey curry recipe

Leftover Turkey Curry
Turkey curry is such a great way to use up leftover turkey and extra veg from Christmas. This is a wonderfully fresh and vibrant curry which goes perfectly with this quick cabbage slaw or rice. Find the recipe here

brussels sprouts recipe christmas

Brussels Sprouts & Sweet Potato Fritters 
These leftover fritters are the perfect way to use up your Christmas veg and a sure way to keep everyone happy in the lazy lull after Christmas! Find the recipe here.

happiness balls edible gifts

Edible Gifts! Happiness Balls
With only 5 ingredients these chocolate-y balls of goodness can be thrown together in a matter of moments. Perfect little homemade gifts. Get the recipe here.

Find more celebration Christmas recipes here.


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