FeelGood Sessions with Emma Gannon | Melissa Hemsley
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FeelGood Sessions with Emma Gannon

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FeelGood Sessions with Emma Gannon

melissa hemsley emma gannon feelgood sessions

On Tuesday 13th October at 8am, join me & the truly brill Emma Gannon for an extra special live “Brilliant Breakfast” episode of The FeelGood Sessions live on my Instagram.

This live chat is in association with The Prince’s Trust and supporting Women for Women so it would be really lovely to have as many of you join in and show your support too. If you’re able to donate please do as even a £5 donation could help with an English qualification for one woman. You can donate right here.

If you can’t wait until then and haven’t yet caught up on series 1 of The FeelGood Sessions then head here for a round up.

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