The FeelGood Sessions series 1 | Melissa Hemsley
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The FeelGood Sessions Series 1


The FeelGood Sessions Series 1

Melissa Hemsley FeelGood Sessions

It has been SUCH a joy to bring you all Series 1 of my *FeelGood Sessions* on Instagram.

For 15 x Monday nights over lockdown, I chatted to friends and lots of you before our dinners. We called these nights #thefeelgoodsessions and there were laughs and cries and I’m so so glad they and you were there for me. I needed those Mondays.
It was a chance to catch up with friends and say hello and to find small ways (however small and momentary) to celebrate all that is good in the world and comforting things, shout outs to our community and real stories of connection and cheerful positive news (sometimes it was slim pickings) and everyday moments of joy wherever we could. It was also an opportunity to make space for others and share which independent businesses we love and make our lives better and also kind inspiring people who were activists in many different ways that we might all like to follow and support.

Swipe through the pics below for some of the *yes I’m having that* things and powerful quotes and feel good habits that some of my guests said that have really stuck with me.

You can watch or listen to all of the full chats on my IGTV here. (I like to listen back to them while I’m cooking or folding).

Thanks so much for my 15 incredible guests for being so up for it and honest about how they were really feeling on those nights. And thank you everyone who tuned in every Monday and asked great questions and sent lovely messages to us. I really enjoyed having these to look forward to….. and whoop there will be some news on Series 2 coming up!

See you for season 2, but if you can’t wait then I’ll be joined by my friend Emma Gannon on the 13th October 8am for a very special “Brilliant Breakfast” episode to fundraise for Women Supporting Women.

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