Felix Project Charity: Fighting Food Waste & Hunger | Melissa Hemsley
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Felix Project Charity: Fighting Food Waste


Felix Project Charity: Fighting Food Waste & Hunger

The Felix Project mission: “We save good food that can’t be sold, and deliver it fresh to people who need it. People who would otherwise go hungry have delicious, healthy meals”

I have loved volunteering for the anti food waste charity, The Felix Project for the last 2 years after meeting the ambassador and actor David Morrissey at a fundraiser event. David invited me along to cook with him at a homeless shelter in North London using perfectly good supermarket food that had been diverted from bins by the team at Felix Project (set up in honour by the parents of their beloved son called Felix). Since 2018, every few months, I have put a date in the diary with my friend, fellow chef Melek Erdal and we turn up, wherever we are needed (community hubs, school holiday clubs, shelters, refugee centres) around London, to put the rescued food to good use by cooking up lunches, filling up freezers, giving kitchen tip classes and workshops. On our most recent trip we volunteered in the warehouse to ‘drive and deliver’ for a day’s shift in the distinctively green electric vans. 

Sadly, the urgent demand for food has quadrupled over the last 6 months of lockdown so there is an even greater need for donations (if you are able too) and for volunteers for ½ day or full day shifts if you’re London based.

Find out more here, it’s simple and I thoroughly recommend it. 

Read more on Felix Project here and more on chefs and restaurants fighting food waste here plus a round up of easy zero waste tips that I’ve embraced in my home here .

(Also check out these food waste orgs: Olio, Karma, Too Good To Go, Food Cycle )

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