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Fight Food Waste


Fight Food Waste

Photo: @spread_london

On Tuesday night, I hosted the wonderful Feed Back Banquet fundraiser to FIGHT FOOD WASTE at the community kitchen.

The epic six course menu was made up of foraged foods, off cuts, veg scraps, unloved and under used ingredients all sourced from the UK. It was utterly delicious, clever and full of common sense ideas for waste free cooking.

The menu was created and cooked by award winning and critic’s choice sustainable chefs like Tom Hunt, Silo Brighton and Native Restaurant. There were ridiculous crispy chicken skin canapés with whipped feta and fennel flowers and chicory leaves with walnut pesto from Spread London.

 I was brought up to love leftovers and not waste food (Army Dad, Filipino catholic Mum) but these guys have taken it to the next level and made it look so so easy for everyone to do. As Doug, from Silo Brighton, says “Waste is a failure of the imagination” !

It was such a wonderful and insightful evening! A big thank you to Tristram Stuart for asking me to be involved.

Go and check out what Feedback Food are up to:

Photos: @spread_london

Photos: @spread_london

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