Five of my favourite Soups for the Season | Melissa Hemsley
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Five of my Favourite Soups for the Season


Five of my favourite Soups for the Season

Who else is a lover of soups? When the weather starts to get a little chillier & all you want to do is snuggle up in the evenings, I welcome soup season with open arms. When ever I’m in need of a little pick me up, I’ll make a big batch of soup on a Sunday, freeze half for a rainy day & curl up with the rest.

Making soup is also a great way of using up any leftover veggies or odds and ends that are in need of a little love, so I’m always inspired by what I’ve already got in my cupboards to make a really delicious soup; anything goes!

Here are a few of my favourite recipes for the season to use up leftovers and remember to make a big batch & freeze for a rainy day when you don’t feel like cooking, or take a portion to work in a flask.

Cock A Leekie Soup

This is a great dish for making better quality meat go further. All of the chicken is used here to make the broth, as well as the odds & ends of the veggies so you can enjoy less waste & more flavour. I’ve used buckwheat here as an alternative to the traditional barley but feel free to use whatever you’ve got. Get the recipe here.

Salmon Sinigang Soup

This Salmon Sinigang is simple, soothing and one for the sofa!  I’ve had this soup and variations of it (with prawns, chicken, beef and more veg) my entire life. I tried to guestimate how many times in my 32 years the number of times my Mum’s made it or I’ve made it myself, feeling like a Mum for my loved ones.  It is a pot of love, a pot of nourishment and it is completely delicious.
Get the recipe.

Tomato, Chickpea & Thyme Soup

I always feel childhood comfort with a tomato soup. I love the laziness of not having to go out to get an ingredient and being able to rely on what’s in the cupboard. Fresh tomatoes in the Summer would be wonderful but here tinned tomatoes for a cosy autumnal soup are all you need and a tin of chickpeas makes this heartier and creamy.
Get the recipe.

Chinese Mushroom Noodle Soup

The warm, spiced notes of star anise make an aromatic broth for this Chinese mushroom noodle soup. Add any veg straight from the freezer, I used green beans & sweetcorn, but broccoli would work great here too- anything goes!
Get the recipe here.

Broccoli, Pea & Za’atar Soup

Use frozen broccoli and peas in this warming soup if you fancy, instead of buying them fresh! Za’atar is a spice blend traditionally made with dried herbs such as marjoram or thyme and gives this simple soup a Middle. Eastern flair.
Get the recipe here.

Let me know what you make by tagging me on Instagram.
Melissa x


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