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A chat with UNSEEN


A chat with UNSEEN

This is an extract from the brilliant newsletter www.unseen247.com, where I got to talk food, kitchen waste and where to get properly ‘trashed!’


What’s always in your fridge?

Eggs, cabbage, butter, leftover cooked shredded chicken and bone broth that I make from the chicken carcass  (if you don’t want to make your own, Borough Broth Co is absolutely delicious and makes home-cooked soups, stews, ragu and casseroles taste even better).


Best place to get ‘trashed’?

I’m a big fan of Tom Hunt (‘The Natural Cook’) ] and his Bristol restaurant Poco. He is a big food waste campaigner and always strives to achieve zero waste and to cook and source produce in harmony with nature. Look out for his pop ups all over London, such as this Sunday’s Seasonal Lunch at Deliciously Ella in Broadgate.


Top tips for turning kitchen scraps into a meal? 

I like to batch cook a couple of dishes on the weekend to enjoy throughout the week, so come busy mid-week, I’m just reheating and throwing some fresh herbs, yoghurt or chilli oil on top to bring it to life. If you have any salad ingredients, like a glut of really ripe tomatoes, a bit of leftover cucumber, herbs and a bit of avocado, you can make a gazpacho or a smooth silky dip. If it’s a cold day, and you have any leftover cooked veg, whizz it up into a hot comforting soup. Eggs make the best week-night quick supper: I always love a hearty two-minute scramble, adding all the random leftovers in the fridge – it might be the last carrot, a random bit of onion or garlic, the last handful of greens, with the very last bit of parmesan grated in. Or let it set and throw it under the grill and you have a frittata. And you can save a slice for breakfast.

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