5 tasty 'fridge forage' recipes to cut food waste | Melissa Hemsley
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My top 5 fridge forage recipes

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5 Delicious Fridge Forage Recipes

You all know by now how much I love a good fridge forage. Those times when I think I have nothing to eat but after a quick rummage around the veg drawer and my store cupboards, I’ve found the foundations for a delicious, nourishing meal. 

Some of the best and tastiest dinners I’ve ever made, including this Mushroom and ‘any cheese’ frittata recipe, have been ‘fridge forages’. In fact, lots of the recipes in my new book Eat Green have come from this. 

I urge you to get inspired by your fridge. What can really go wrong? Next time you’re hungry, take a good look in the fridge – can you make a soup, stir-fry, perhaps a frittata with what you’ve got? The chances are you can make one of these delicious dinners.

Here are my top 5 fridge forage recipes that help me eat well and cut food waste at the same time – win win!

melissa hemsley spinach pancakes food waste

Speedy spinach pancakes
If you’ve got chickpea flour, a good handful of spinach and some parsley, blend it all up with water, salt and pepper to make these speedy pancakes. Top with a fried egg, a sliced avo or any greens or tomatoes. Find my spinach pancakes recipe here. 

leftover frittata recipe melissa hemsley food waste

Leftover carrot frittata
If you’ve got any leftover carrots from a Sunday roast, whether they be roasted or steamed, make a lovely big Spanish style frittata swapping potatoes for carrots. Frittatas are also a great way to use up all sorts of leftover veg, including leafy greens, roast squash or sweet potato, broccoli, you name it! Find my frittata recipe here

leftovers potato kale food waste

Potato & kale traybake
This traybake is one of my fail safe breakfast recipes when I think I have nothing to have for breakfast. But after a little fridge forage I can usually find eggs, some leftover roasted root veg and some sort of greenery getting a little wilted in my fridge. So let that make the base of a lovely breakfast tray bake, which you can bung in the oven, have a slow start and then you have minimal washing up to do afterwards. Find the recipe here

harissa chickpeas kale food waste

Harissa chickpea & kale stew
Have you got carrots, a tin of beans and something green to use up? Try this recipe

leftover veg fritters recipes food waste

Leftover veg fritters
These fritters are the perfect way to use up your roast veg leftovers! Fry up an egg to have on top and use any other leftover greens as a side. Feel free to try these with whatever veg you have left over and cold cuts. Find my leftover veg fritters recipe here.

For more inspiring waste-saving ideas, delicious feel-good recipes and plenty more advice on how you can cook more flexibly, buy my new book EAT GREEN. I’m so excited to share it with you!

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