The Fuss-free festive party platter | Melissa Hemsley
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The Fuss-free Festive Party Platter


The Fuss-free Festive Party Platter

PARTY PLATTERS! When you want to WOW your guests but haven’t got ANY TIME to cook or prep, a festive grazing board is just the ticket for keeping things stress free for YOU. Get inspired & create your own platter for minimal effort but maximum results.

On mine I’ve got:

 Apples, grapes, pears,clementines, pomegranate.
 Cheese mix of stilton, cheddar, parmesan, goats cheese
 Walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts or seeds.
 Crackers & oat cakes.
 Hummus (blend in a leftover roast carrot)
 Olives and capers.
 Dried fruit – I had dates, add cranberries, raisins, figs.
 Foliage – fragrant sprigs of rosemary, sage.
 Honey or splash out on a little jar of truffle honey ( little goes a long way).

Yes, some of these ingredients are pricey so I turn to this treat smorgasbord when I’m really tight for time. I’ve kept it all veggie so that everyone is happy.

If you are in the mood for some festive canapés, why not try these Loaded Sweet Potato rounds or try making your own crackers like my cheap and cheerful Chickpea Crackers from “Eat Happy” which I flavour with any herbs or fennel seeds and dunk in everything. The dip is a ‘leftover’ humus – some cooked cannelini beans blended with a leftover roast carrot + garlic, lemon, tahini and spices.

For more party platter inspiration, have a look here.


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