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Future Dreams


Future Dreams

Reflecting on this week’s important and fantastic fundraiser for the Future Dreams charity to raise awareness and money for both men and women with breast cancer and their families to have a safe haven to rest, have a cup of tea, get advice, be comforted and learn about holistic treatments and therapy too. I am honoured to have designed the one off feelgood lunch menu at the Savoy Hotel and to have had the chance to get up on the stage, as nervous as I was, to talk about ‘Food & Love’. I said, the secret ingredient in cooking is always LOVE! Do you agree? Thank you Future Dreams for asking me to be your ambassador and to the two sets of amazingly generous people who bid so much and helped raise so much money for cooking classes with me! 

For more on the work Future Dreams are doing  www.futuredreams.org.uk/

Since the event, I am thrilled to announce that Future Dreams raised an incredible £265,000 which is their most successful lunch to date!

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