What is gleaning? How to join the food waste fight | Melissa Hemsley
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Go Gleaning & Fight Food Waste

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Go Gleaning & Fight Food Waste

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Did you know 3.6 million tonnes of food goes to waste on farms every year? Do you want to fight back against all this unnecessary edible food waste? Want to know what gleaning is?

I’m thrilled to see that the incredible Feedback have just launched the Gleaning Handbook: a resource to help people rescue on-farm food surplus and redirect it to those in need, by setting up their own gleaning hub.

If you follow me, you may have heard me talk about Feedback before. They’re an incredible anti-food-waste campaign group, working across all levels of our food chain to fight unnecessary edible food waste.

Feedback are behind the award-winning Toast Ale that is made from bread which would otherwise go to waste. They’re also behind the kitchens at Extinction Rebellion where I recently spent a morning cooking thousands of meals for protesters.

Their Gleaning Network project gives volunteers all over the country a chance to engage hands-on with the food system by working with farmers to help harvest fresh fruits and vegetables from farms where they would otherwise be wasted, and making sure this food is redirected to organisations helping those in need.

So far, over 520 tonnes of fresh produce has been saved from going to waste and has involved more than 2,000 volunteers.

Click here to find out how you can get involved too.

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