How to play your part this Earth Hour | Melissa Hemsley
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How to play your part for Earth Hour

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How to play your part for Earth Hour

It’s Earth Hour on the 30th April (wherever you are in the world) and we’re all invited to turn our lights off at 830pm for an hour. I’m always thinking about what more I can do, for Earth Hour, but also every day, so thought I’d share 8 ways I check myself with waste, consumption and packaging from loo roll to toothbrushes! 

  1. Seal the deal test. My friend taught me this one. Do a little kitchen inspection and see that your fridge and freezer are sealed properly to stop cold air getting out and warm air getting in.
  2. Grow your own. I grow my most used herbs as it’s super easy and saves a fortune. Do you find yourself buying those plastic wrapped herb pots that wither and die within a few days and you barely get a handful of herb? Basil, parsley, mint, rosemary, oregano, thyme and dill are so easy to grow, they smell wonderful, look beautiful and means there’s less packaging all round.
  3. Toilet habits. I really recommend the ‘who gives a crap’ loo rolls  – they’ve got ranges made from recycled paper and bamboo and they donate 50% of their profits to build toilets globally.
  4. Share a bathMy boyfriend goes after me in the bath, we don’t share at the same time as our tub isn’t big enough and it’s not very relaxing or romantic, only in films, like much in life!
  5. Plastic at home. I like to see where I can cut down on plastic room to room, once you start you can’t stop looking and really seeing how much there is. Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one next time you shop? We all know about saying NO THANKS to straws, bottled water and plastic bags but what else can we all do.  A great way to cut down on plastic and packaging is to visit bulk shops, see here for more including a link to find your nearest bulk buy shop.  My local is in Hackney and it’s fab
  6. Batch cook. Save yourself time, energy and cut down on kitchen waste by batch cooking something lovely and simple once a week.  In half an hour, you could clear the fridge of tired veg, fry them up with onions and garlic, add a tin of cooked beans, blend, season, add spices if you like and have a delicious, hearty, creamy soup to stock up the fridge for a rainy day or share. That’s food karma and it makes the world go round.
  7. Unplug. As well as turning off lights when they’re not needed, I unplug phone and computer chargers. Do yourself a favour and keep your bedroom free of them anyway for good bedroom vibes.  
  8. Meat. I eat meat much less often and it means my meals are varied, full of veg and I can afford really good quality meat.  And those of us who eat meat should try to eat ‘nose to tail’ – bring back livers, lamb breast, oxtail soups and goat curries!
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